Hybrid Memory

As multi-core CPUs become the norm it is becoming increasingly difficult to move data between main memory and the CPU cores quickly enough to keep the CPU cores fully occupied.

A consortium of memory manufacturers, including Micron, Samsung and Intel, has proposed a solution in the form of the Hybrid Memory Cube, a memory package that offers memory bandwidth up to 1 Tbps, more than 10 times the bandwidth of DDR-3, while using about one-eighth the power per gigabyte.

The Hybrid Memory Cube stacks four or eight DRAM chips on top of memory controller chip.The stack architecture keeps the length of the connections between the memory chips and the controller to a minimum, enabling faster operation and lower power consumption.

The technology is currently in its infancy but you can find out more from the Hybrid Memory Cube Consortium web site.

Further useful information can be found in this Press Release from IBM.

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