LibreOffice is a free open-source office suite, developed by The Document Foundation and based on an older suite named OpenOffice. It is highly compatible with Microsoft Office, although some features differ. It can read and write most Microsoft Office file formats. LibreOffice is available for a wide range of platforms including Microsoft Windows, Mac OS and Linux. All versions can be downloaded from the LibreOffice web site.

LibreOffice Start Centre

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The principal components of LibreOffice are as follows:

Writer: a word processor similar to Microsoft Word.

Calc: a spreadsheet resembling Microsoft Excel.

Impress: a presentation program similar to Microsoft PowerPoint

Draw: a vector graphics editor and diagramming tool resembling Microsoft Visio.

Base: a database management program, similar to Microsoft Access.

Math: a program for creating and editing mathematical formulae.

Further information can be found in the Wikipedia article about LibreOffice.

Full installation instructions can be found at:

The installer can be run in various languages, including Scottish Gaelic!

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